Advanced Materials for Quantum Information Processing, Storage and Computing

The problems of formation and manipulation of quantum stated of light in solid state (semiconductor) atomic and quantum systems evoke great interdisciplinary research interest from scientists and engineers who are working on quantum and atomic optics, quantum information processing (QIP) and telecommunication technology, condensed matter and solid state physics, nonlinear sciences. In spite of fundamental character of problem of interaction of quantized optical fields with localized semiconductor structures (quantum wells, dots etc.) and/or ultra-cold (trapped) atomic systems as whole the coupled quantum matter-field states are necessary ingredient for current quantum technological applications. In particular, for the purpose to transfer the quantum stated over long distance of quantum networks, such as by using quantum repeaters or quantum memories, the issue to transform a quantum signal from optical pulses into matters or vice versa has very important impacts. For precise measurement, with the recent rapid progress in the generation of non-classical light source, the transfer of quantum properties from so-called squeezed light to atomic ensembles can lead to the possibility to reduce quantum noises of atoms, which can decrease the quantum noise fluctuations in the laser spectroscopy, atomic fountain clock, etc.